The History of Jane and Primus Addison

Historical information about the Addison Family was obtained from Mr. Joe Young and the 1900 Census of Berkeley County - Old Field Plantation, St. Stephen, South Carolina. 

[Retrieved from the 11th Bi-Annual Addison Family Reunion, Waterbury, Connecticut 2006].

Primus Addison was born on the Old Field Plantation during slavery.  His wife, Jane Frazier, was born in Old Peru (Pe'ro) August of 1860.

During reconstruction, Philip Porcher (Po'shay) sold the Old Field Plantation to several Negro Families by the acre.  Primus and Jane were among those families.  They purchased their land at fifty cent per acre.

The couple was blessed with thirteen children: Hanna, Eddie, Sam, Willie, Ida, Flander, Isiah, Jessie, Ransom, Rebecca, Jannie, Lula and Joe Young.

The family's occupation was farming.  Cotton was the major source of income.  Rice, corn, sugar cane, peas and other vegetables were grown for food.  To aid their income they raised chickens, hogs, and cows to supply meat and milk products. 

Believing in God and Christianity, the couple made St. Stephen Baptist Church their family church. 

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